Marialyce Hawke Cutaway Rosebowl

Now here’s a bowl that speaks to me on several levels. Cutaway rim, rosebowl shape, four layers of Rick Satava’s glass with Beautiful flower decor and great carving.

This is an early Marialyce piece signed with her maiden name – and I am lucky enough to have the original paperwork too.



A Rosebowl by Marialyce Hawke

Here is another *cut* top rose bowl by Marialyce. It is really hard to find the rosebowl shape – which i mainly collect – in modern cameo pieces.

I think this one is true cameo since it does have two layers of glass.

I have maybe one more cut top in a semi rose bowl shape – – I’ll have to look for a pic to post.


Hawke Rosebowl

Some Interesting Links

Hope everyone’s New Year is starting off great!
I thought I’d pop in and add some links for some of the things we’ve been discussing.
First off, here’s one I love, that talks about the ancient Roman Portland Vase. I LOVE that they were able to make this way back then, and that it miraculously survived for over 2000 years! So cool!
Here’s another link, that talks about the tragedy of the Portland Vase being smashed in 1845 by a visitor to The British Museum. Tragic!
Also, here is a link to Valerie Surjan’s website, Surjan’s Glass Designs. Beautiful stuff, check it out! 🙂
I’m glad to see a few people getting involved, and look forward to more interaction with you all as everyone gets used to this format! (Myself definitely included, LOL!)
Have a great week!