A Rosebowl by Marialyce Hawke

Here is another *cut* top rose bowl by Marialyce. It is really hard to find the rosebowl shape – which i mainly collect – in modern cameo pieces.

I think this one is true cameo since it does have two layers of glass.

I have maybe one more cut top in a semi rose bowl shape – – I’ll have to look for a pic to post.


Hawke Rosebowl


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  1. Thanks for all your pictures, Stu. This is a lovely bowl and appears to be two colors however, the carving is only done on the surface color. The core (inside color) appears to be milk but the cut doesn’t go that deep, am I reading the picture right? I am a big fan of this shape as well.
    We are going to start posting a new group of photos, each month, that we want you to comment on. One of those groups will be pics of all of the cutaways we have done…you are familiar with the technique, I hope you will add your “two cents”

  2. Yes – you are correct that the carving is only through the top layer. I’ll send a pic through Jenni’s good graces of one with more layers.

    I’ll be happy to comment on whatever you would like to post.


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