Pilgrim Cameo Roses Lamp from Stu Horn

Speaking of lamps – – – here’s a Pilgrim cameo lamp from my collection. I have heard that quite a few of these were made and that they could be turned out in a relatively short time. Is that your remembrance?? The carving is not that deep and the hardware for holding the shade is rather crude.


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  1. Wow! Beautiful Stu! 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  2. This little lamp was the brain child of the sales manager of the Pilgrim gift shop and gallery, Shelly Adkins. It did sell very well but there were only about twenty made. Shelly was inspired by the popularity of the pouch vase, one of Pilgrim’s most popular shapes and roses, her favorite flower. She thought it would be neat to cut the bottom off the pouch, make a matching bowl with it and use the top with it’s ruffled crimp as a shade. It was very difficult to fixture as the pouch vase was blown off hand, without the benefit of a mold, so the size varied and we couldn’t find a spider that would accept the variations so we developed one where the pieces could be added or subtracted depending on the size of the shade.
    Thanks for sending these pictures, Stu. Seeing these old pieces is sort of like visiting old friends. There is always a story, there are always relationships and new mountains to climb. There is a reason Bob and I work seven days a week. I think it’s love!

  3. ah-ha – – So that’s the story on the strange spider. I do see these come up on Ebay reasonably often so that’s why I thought there were a lot made. Thanks for the interesting background info.


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