Kelsey/Pilgrim three color Cameo cutaway lamp

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  1. The cutaway edge on this lamp really sparkles when the light is on or even if it is just sitting in the light. We did several of these cutaway lamps for one collector…they commissioned all of the Pilgrim lamp blanks that we had. It took two or three years to complete them all…it was big fun. Kelsey

    • I would love to know how you do the edges on these! They are beautiful!

  2. The edges of a cutaway are created the same way all of the other carving is done. The area that is to be left is protected and then, without building up too much heat in any one place, all of the unwanted glass is carved very slowly until you have cut all the way through, often as thick as three quarters of an inch of glass. During this process if the nozzle of the sandblaster changes angle the draft or angle of the cutaway edge changes, so great care must be taken to get the same draft all around the edge. As the unwanted glass is cut through the danger then becomes keeping the delicate cutaway edges from being broken off while the rest of the edge is completed. We loose about 40% of everything where a cutaway is attempted but the effect is so beautiful…it’s always a temptation. – Kelsey

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