An Example of Marialyce Hawke’s Work, from Stu Horn

Here is a Marialyce piece that I consider etched. the amazing thing is its size -8 1/2 inches tall by 11 inches wide. Etched with orchids and in my favorite shape – a rose bowl. The larger pic is its true color – a pale lavender with faint vertical ribbing. I darkened the other views so the pattern would show better.

The *cut* top is fairly common in her work – sort of a trademark. Maybe Kelsey can tell us how she might do that?


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  1. The cutaway edge, as we refer to it, is time consuming and dangerous technique. The area that is to remain must be protected from the abrasive blast and because it takes quite a while to cut through the entire circumference of even a small bowl or vase that material and the way it has been applied must be substancial and perfect. The angle needs to be taken into consideration as well as the duration of the carve. Heat builds up both on the masking material and the glass which can cause either or both to fail leaving a very flawed edge or destroying the piece. We have tackled cutaways on pieces containing as many as nine colors and it’s always a sweat, right down to the final moment when the last little hair of class remains. Often a piece of glass no bigger than an eighth of an inch can hold a ring of glass as big as the circumference and several inches thick…it’s truly amazing. I will be adding several pictures where we have used this technique a little later today. Thanks for you entrys, Stu – Kelsey

  2. Gorgeous bowl, Stu! 🙂

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