Sneak Peek of New Fenton Cameo!!

Here’s a little never-before-seen sneak peek at some new pieces in the works for Fenton. WOW! Great stuff!! Enjoy!

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A Note on Handmade Glassware

We recently ordered a limited edition of 10 carved favrene Fenton hippos from Kelsey/Made In Heaven. When they arrived, I was struck by how very different each one is! Even thought they are an edition of 10, each one is unique, and one of a kind, due to the hand carved nature of the pieces.
Before sending them out, I took pictures of them all together to illustrate this fact. Note the differences in size, shapes, and placement of the flowers, hearts, and butterflies on these pieces! Wow!
(Click on each picture for close up of details. 🙂 )

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Marialyce Hawke Cutaway Rosebowl

Now here’s a bowl that speaks to me on several levels. Cutaway rim, rosebowl shape, four layers of Rick Satava’s glass with Beautiful flower decor and great carving.

This is an early Marialyce piece signed with her maiden name – and I am lucky enough to have the original paperwork too.


A Rosebowl by Marialyce Hawke

Here is another *cut* top rose bowl by Marialyce. It is really hard to find the rosebowl shape – which i mainly collect – in modern cameo pieces.

I think this one is true cameo since it does have two layers of glass.

I have maybe one more cut top in a semi rose bowl shape – – I’ll have to look for a pic to post.


Hawke Rosebowl

New Group

Just wanted to add a little note here that we’ve started a Yahoo email group for fans of cameo glass.
Stay updated on blog posts, learn more about the history of cameo glass, and how Kelsey got started, find out what’s new, and ask any questions you may have. 🙂 Meet and converse with fellow collectors. All delivered right to your email box.
We’d love to have you join us!
The Magic of Cameo Glass on Yahoo

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Pilgrim Cameo Roses Lamp from Stu Horn

Speaking of lamps – – – here’s a Pilgrim cameo lamp from my collection. I have heard that quite a few of these were made and that they could be turned out in a relatively short time. Is that your remembrance?? The carving is not that deep and the hardware for holding the shade is rather crude.


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An Early Sample for Fenton

Here is an example of an early sample Kelsey did for Fenton. It’s interesting to note the difference in the way the burmese turned out on this piece, and the way it looks now that Fenton blows the piece with carving in mind, and gives it a much heavier blush.
This piece is called “Orchard Buzz”, and features apple trees and bumblebees.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, and Kelsey will respond. Just click on the little red “Leave a Comment” link below. 🙂
Have a great week everyone!

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More Examples of Cutaway Cameo

Just wanted to share a few more examples of cutaway cameo, while we’re on that topic. 🙂
Here are a few examples of some ornaments made from multi-layered Pilgrim cameo, along with a development proof from 2001, a cutaway tree vase, and a 4 color fairy light, also cutaway.
(Remember to click on pictures to enlarge for detail!)

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Kelsey/Pilgrim three color Cameo cutaway lamp

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An Example of Marialyce Hawke’s Work, from Stu Horn

Here is a Marialyce piece that I consider etched. the amazing thing is its size -8 1/2 inches tall by 11 inches wide. Etched with orchids and in my favorite shape – a rose bowl. The larger pic is its true color – a pale lavender with faint vertical ribbing. I darkened the other views so the pattern would show better.

The *cut* top is fairly common in her work – sort of a trademark. Maybe Kelsey can tell us how she might do that?


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